6 Surprising Foods that taste better Grilled

Grilling is one of my favourite hobbies these days. I took a grilling kit, smaller in size but the fun and taste it offers is mind-blowing and incredible. If you too are a fan of grilling, then here is a list of the fantastic food you need to try grilling and tasting. This article is a spotlight on those foods you would never think could be consumed after a grill.

1.     Watermelon

I remember watching a video about fired watermelon skin. There was a dessert made out of fried watermelon. I used the same ingredients but different technique, trust me. My first trail was spectacular, and my friends loved it. Many think that how can a cold piece of melon taste better after grilling, to find out the answer grilling a slice of watermelon is a must.


2.    Peaches

If you want to enter the world of sweet and savoury, then trying out grilling peaches is the best idea. The excellent taste of peach is enriched and provides you with that zenith of a feeling that you will cherish after a bite of flavour. Take a peach cut in into two halves and clean the pit. Grill the open side of the fruit on high flame until you seek the grill marks. Take off the peaches and cut into the desired shape and serve with delight.

3.    Poundcake

If you are a fan of pound cake, I am very sure you must have tired at least one different dish made out of it. In such a case, why don’t you take up the challenge of making the cake better and tastier? Cut a small pound of cake and grill it on one side. Let the grill mark get absorbed by the face of the cake. Add a scoop of ice cream on it and impress your guest by your skills.

4.    Avocado

No matter what the season is, my all-time favourite fruit is Avocado. I have tried nearly more than 50 ways of consuming Avocado. Because of the number of health benefits the fruit possess. Many people highly use it. Take the butter fruit, cut it into half, clear eth pit and the cover. Place the open section of the fruit on the grill. Grill it in a medium flame. Remove the grilled fruit and serve it with lemon drops, honey and cream. You cannot find more healthy food than this.

5.    Donuts

The whole world is a fan of the doughnut. Making it tastier can be considered as a task of heaven. Take a doughnut, grill it and serve it with cream and sauce. It is the best doughnut service ever.

6.   Pineapple

Grilling pineapple is the Einstein method of doing it in style. The tangy and sweet flavours of pineapple rush out as you cut a piece of grilled pine inside your mouth. You can even combine it with fried ice cream ball or just the consume it naked.

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