Why I Hate the Word Artisanal

It is ridiculous to use this snooty and snobby word to create an atmosphere that just shouldn’t exist when it comes to grilling. Grilling is a man’s activity and should be treated as such. We have been killing and cooking our meat since the beginning of time and these artisanal cooks are demeaning and frustrating to have to contend with. They take home cooking to a crazy place where the normal person just doesn’t want to deal with. As soon as I see the word, I feel immediately angry.

Everyone needs to experience excellent food and delicious dishes without the air of “better than you.” I have been treated like I do not exist by those who are just hitting the scene, but calling themselves artisanal. It is sad, but true. The only thing that is different between my succulent suppers and these artsy fartsy meals is the way it is presented and stacked up on pretty plates. It is also hilarious, but as soon as something is called artisanal, the price doubles and the portion is halved. You only get a tease of sauce and a spoonful of a side. I leave hungry from these supposed artisanal experiences.

I pray it is just a fleeing trend that will end soon and the chunky steaks for real men will return. I have spent the better part of my life attempting to find the perfect flavors and to learn from the cooks in the family their secrets. When I read the ingredients of many of these recipes, I see very few reasons to call this food anything but over priced. It is a real crime to trick customers into thinking that they are receiving something that just doesn’t exist. Why can’t we just enjoy a good meal without the attitude?