Easy & GourmetTasting Steak

Who doesn’t steak in Louisiana? Answer: no one. Steak is wonderful meat to grill. I have been known to fire up the pit in the midst of February to get that smoky, outside goodness. A nice thing about beef is that you can always place it back on the fire if someone wants it well-done. Starting off rare is the smart way to go and to cook it special for people. Marinading steak tips is a perfect dinner. Similar to pork, you don’t want to cook things too fast so that you get that nice grilled flavor sealed in.

There are many nice steak rubs to add to your meat for specialty flavors. I like an Italian flare and will often use olive oil and garlic to the outside of the steak to bring out the mouth-wateringflavor combination. Garlic is a great spice to add to many types of meat. It can take a bland cut to a gourmet dinner in a just short time. I enjoy the bone-in cuts as well, as long as my dinner guests have good chompers. I often grill up some of the more tender cuts such as a London Broil or a New York Strip when some of the older members of the family come to visit. They are also always so grateful and impressed with these expensive and delicious choices.

When tasting your favorite cut, you may find you need to add some salt or some steak sauce to bring out the best parts of the meat. If you get the right rub, you will be able to use less of these items. Me, personally, prefer to use rosemary, garlic and butter. I set a dollop of this on top, close the lid and let the flavors work their magic. It is a nice option for bigger cuts of beef and roasts.

Another really important aspect of assuring your steak is easy to enjoy is to use a very sharp knife when slicing it for the grill if they are not pre-cut at the butcher shop. I also implore you to use the local meat stores instead of grocery stores. They often will get to know you as a regular and give you samples and good deals on their products. Often the meat is fresher and more tender.

Steak and potatoes are the perfect pair and roasting your taters with a bit of garlic, green onions and butter will add a delightful spark to this comfort food dish. There are many recipes for marinades and rubs that you can use depending on what culture and vegetable you are planning on. Teriyaki is a splendid option and can really give the steak the saltiness it needs for the perfect bite. You can always BBQ your ribs as well as this is a Southern favorite and all will be transported to a moment of bliss. Whatever you decide to do, the results will be good when taking your time choosing your cut for the event.