Best Ways to Cook Pork

Best Ways to Cook Pork

Pork sausage can be a tricky meat to cook as you need to assure it is fully done as food borne ailments can result from under-cooked pork products. Assure that your grill is at a medium level to start. You don’t want it too hot as not to burn the outside and leave the inside too raw. Allow the meat to slowly brown, turn it and repeat. At the end of this process, turn up the heat a little to get those nice grill marks on it and remove from the fire.

Pork chops are best breaded and fried with just a small amount of oil as not to saturate the meat. This will seal in the juice and keep the meat tender. If you prefer to bake your chops, still add a bit of oil to assure the breading won’t stick. This will assure that the outer coating stays on, which is filled with amazing spices and Cajun goodness. At the end of this process, seal the juices in the broiler for a perfect ending.

Slow-cooking your pork is a nice way to go, especially if you have a lot of people you are feeding. A nice shoulder cut will work well. The important thing again, is temperature. You don’t want it to cook too fast as the inner parts of the cut won’t cook through. There are many great spice options for this cut and the smokiness of the cooking process will be a rich and delicious combination with potato and corn sides.

Chinese dishes using pork is another wonderful way to cook your pork. Thinly slice your pork and lightly fry it adding your vegetables slowly. You have the option of noodles or rice for an authentic specialty. This is a nice and quick way to go if you are in need of dinner on the fly. Use soy sauce sparingly as there will be some salt in your pork. Keep an eye on the meat as it has a tendency to cook a lot faster when sliced.

Pork loin cut thin and grilled to perfection is an easy to clean and easy to eat recipe for cooking pork. It can be paired with just about anything. This is a nice way to use your grilling skills.

Marination will assure a tangy and mouth-watering experience and it is easy to accomplish. Set the raw slices in the marinade overnight to allow the flavor and the liquid permeates the meat. You can grill, fry or bake the meat—even skewer it for a nice touch. Peppers and onions are a great choice with a marinated pork slice.

One of the best memories that I hold dear to my soul is attending a pig roast. It was amazing. A huge wedding/cook out was the occasion for some real down home folks that my father, God-bless-his-soul, knew when I was a teenager. It was fantastic. A smoker had been rented and set up in the back yard. It was a little crazy looking at first, and it did take a long time to get to the correct temperature, but this was the most tender, well-seasoned, delicious chunk of pork that I have ever tasted in my life. At one point in the afternoon, I noticed how everyone was sipping on their drinks and swigging down some beer just surrounding the smoker waiting for the meat. It was reminiscent of centuries past when man would spear their prey and drag it back to the village for the celebration of the hunt. It was a real experience that I remember fondly.

The nice thing about pork is that it is extremely versatile. The only real rule is to start off slow and finish hot for flavor and sealing in the juices. Doing this, you will never go wrong.