Kitchen Calamity

Have you ever had a real kitchen calamity? I have. Anyone who prepares food has had something unforeseen happen when you least expect it. All it takes is to burn an entrée with fish and the odor is overwhelming. It just doesn’t dissipate quickly on its own. As a professional or even amateur would-be chef, you don’t expect such mishaps, but it can happen when trying out a new dish or technique. Even a new pan can be daunting if you don’t know how to use it. Are you supposed to use butter, oil, or salt for frying? In any case, when the particular calamity occurred of which I speak, I ran for the air purifier to tackle a really terrible smell. It is a good thing I had a big one suitable for a large kitchen space. The small portable ones are okay for bedrooms, but don’t work as well over a couple hundred square feet. Ridding the air of odors is the job of the filter-toting appliance so any restaurant or home kitchen should have one. You don’t just go about spraying with air deodorizer that has a perfumy smell that only compounds the problem. When odors linger, you will scare the customers away. You can try making a new dish and hope that it will be fragrant enough to offset the bad odor. But what would you actually make that would save the day?

It is par for the course when you are cooking in volume. Sooner or later, something is bound to happen and go wrong. But there is a solution. Sometimes I think, “Why didn’t I grill outside?” Of course, that’s a great idea for fish in particular, but it isn’t always convenient. It takes special preparation so you can poach it in foil. People love my BBQs, as frequent as they occur, and I put on a good show for family, friends, and neighbors. When the results are fine, it reminds me to always work outside when smells are at issue. Good smells do go with the BBQ territory however and it is what lures people over to my backyard. Who doesn’t love the smell of meat grilling outside? I love to watch the shows on the food network that specialize in grilling. You get dozens of ideas and you see the food in all its glory. Plus, when I pass a restaurant that is preparing food this way in my neighborhood, I stop and linger. I am a loyal patron of such places and search them out, or at least I let my nose do the leading.

So just take this blog as an object lesson in what is possible when it comes to the world of food and good eats, and be prepared. Foodies like to try new things, regardless of the consequences. If you have an air purifier handy, you just don’t need to worry about telltale odors that let the world know you have erred. I don’t know many people who have invested in an air purifier unless they have allergies to dust and/or pollen. Big mistake. Let me tell you that if you enjoy using the kitchen, wherever it might be, an air purifier might save the day.