Will on Tour!

It’s that time of year when the beach beckons and the waves call. The sand sends out messages to test its warmth on your toes. The sky is blue peppered with small white clouds. The air is crisp and clear. The sun sprays its glory everywhere so no one is left out. You bask in the perennial sunshine as you walk briskly along the strip of sand adjacent to the sea.

The months go by in spring and you start thinking a bit about what is to come. It’s time to plan a vacation to the shore and enjoy the splendor of summer. While I have many choices of places to take a few days off, I would rather go to the beach than most anywhere else. Sure the mountains are lovely and boating on a lake is sublime. Camping is the choice of many and hiking the preference of most. To each his own. Every vacation has its advantages as long as you are relaxing and taking time off. Maybe rotate where you go year to year to get some variety, but I seem to come back to one place consistently without fail.

As for me let me grill some BBQ steaks and chicken at the designated allowed places at the beach, and I am in summertime heaven. I know my favorite vacation spot. There is nothing as fun as cooking outdoors. While swimming and bodyboarding and riding the waves are part of the attraction, there are other activities I love. Cooking out is one of them for friends and family. You can make anything from the mundane hamburgers and hotdogs to more elaborate fare.

When I am chef supreme of the domain of the sand, I have to be prepared and ready. It takes more than toting the food. The grill is there so you have to have the charcoal and lighter fluid. Cooking utensils sure help. I have a beach cart upon which I load all of my condiments and supplies. It is a great organizer and helps me have everything close at hand. When I first got it, I didn’t know what a godsend it would be. It is easy to load at the car and transport it posthaste to my selected grilling spot. It makes the BBQ experience easy and fun. I can maneuver everything with ease.

Some people like a big picnic basket and a cooler and they are fine as well. The more stuff you bring with you, the more you have to pack up. At least with my friends, there is never any leftover food. We all share cleanup chores after the last BBQ morsel has been consumed. I like a beach cart with a compartment so you can store food that needs a bit of refrigeration. You can put in it those pre-frozen packets to keep things fresh. You can also use the cart after grilling to help serve your meals. You can layout the plates, utensils, and accompanying salads or dessert. It is a handy item to have at the beach if you are going to do some serious cooking.