Gone Fishin’

I love to grill just about any food and I vary my dinners in the backyard from chicken and steak to fish and kabobs. There is no end to what you can cook. I particularly love grilled corn—the wonderful way the kernels get almost charred, ready to be loaded up with herb butter. Vegetables are yummy on the barbecue and even potatoes can be grilled when wrapped in tin foil. I have become a master chef with a particular specialty. Guests and family members never turn away an offer to indulge in my creations. I try different sauces and cuts of meat so no one ever gets bored.

I am on a trend now to grill fish. As a result, I decided to go fishing on the lake in my brother-in-law’s new inflatable boat. It is really fantastic and not that small as you would expect. I want to catch some big fish so I can have a fish fry for dinner for both of our families and friends. Besides, I love fishing just for the fun of it—being in the outdoors, lazing about as you wait, listening to your headphones and even taking a nap. We spent an entire day at our enterprise and refused to leave until we had reached our quota. It took about a day. We made good time getting home and we could smell the fish in the back of the van as they lay in deathly torpor.

The inflatable boat was rather a novelty. I am not used to relying on this kind of construction as most people have wooden or plastic boats for fishing. This one was sturdy and comfortable and easily had room for two or more people. There were cushioned seats inside and a ring on one end to attach the boat to the dock if you wanted to take a break and get off for a while. It is easy to deflate according to my brother-in-law and takes up little room in the garage when you want to store it. It has an air pump all its own so when you are ready to use it again, it takes only minutes.

The family was gathered and waiting for our arrival. Someone had prepared the grill and the coals were glowing embers. We cleaned the fish and prepared it for cooking. We started one batch and then kept on going until we had enough for everyone and some second helpings. We got a lot of praise for the grilling, but frankly there is plenty of flavor just in the fish alone. We didn’t need to get fancy with a sauce although we did have a nice salad to accompany our catch and some side dishes. Dessert was s’mores of course and they topped off a happy evening. By ten o’clock I was starting to get a little tired after such a long day and was ready to retire when the guests had left.