Best Girlfriend Ever

I like nothing better than a weekend in the country with my girlfriend who seems to enjoy life to the fullest. She has an exuberance and zest for life that makes her unique and endearing. She is game for any adventure and initiates many herself. She will go camping, hiking, sledding, river rafting, or even play basketball. What she did recently was beyond words. She took me to a fabulous, quaint bed and breakfast—basically a family-run inn—with cozy and comfortable rooms and bedding. It was near a food and wine festival we wished to attend. As both of us are foodies and each enjoys that special glass of wine, this was our territory for sure. We relished the idea of exploring what we love best. We promised to take notes and share our opinion at the end. There was plenty to do—all centered on the festival. There were vineyards to see, out of the way restaurants, and places to buy fresh baked goods. There were farm stands featuring local produce and delicious sauces made by farmer’s wives.

We both have good hybrid bikes that we found here, ergonomically engineered for perfect performance and comfort due to the proper proportions for men and women riders. Naturally, we brought them along and in our spare time decided to take a bike ride. After hours at the festival, it was great to get some outdoor exercise and do something other than eating. That was the highlight of the trip, of course, but biking gave the whole weekend a different temperament. We had such a good time that we made the bike trips twice each day. We came across hidden treasures of the region that were not on any map. We got off our vehicles and walked around taking loads of photos. It was very picturesque and the perfect backdrop for some couple portraits to post on Instagram. I made more notes about the colorful region in my notebook to add to my favorite foods at the fair. We wanted this to be a tight-knit weekend where we did everything together. We liked the outings enormously to our surprise. Sure we had gone bike riding before at home in our neighborhood or some of our more challenging city trails; but this was different in that it was a new context.

If you like a bike that seems made for your height, the width of your shoulders, and the length of your torso, by all means get a hybrid. It feels absolutely custom made. You can ride for hours without feeling that the seat is a piece of stone. It is all about comfort and performance. Research online and select one with good reviews that suits your budget. There are many specials and discounts to take advantage of. Then you will be hooked as I am on weekend bike trips. Your girlfriend might, too. It is the perfect sport for more than one person. No loners invited!